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Our Company deals with consulting when assembling production machines, food packaging, their sale, and also provides professional maintenance services.
We specialize in packaging  and producing systems. Information on products in our offer you can find on our website. However, if you have not found the product you are looking for, we encourage you contact us: office@kegelmachines.us, +1 323 984 7705

We will answer any questions. We always offer an individual approach to each client. What if the item you bought did not like? We will exchange it for another one or we will refund the money. Our job is to listen to the customers' expectations. The end result is to fit Your needs.

Trust  specialists of production automation - Kegel machines invites you!

We have been present in the industry of production lines and packing machines for several years. We quarantee ours clients professional help. In our company you can test machine, we selecting the device specifically for your needs. Our goal is to find the best solutions to improve the work of each client.

Packing lines and production lines - consulting, modifications and instruction. Excellent solutions for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries, etc.
We work directly with our factories which guarantees a good purchase! We do not mediate.

We have a wide range of products, but we focus on a packaging machines. We have: (sealers- for foil, manual, with converoy, vacuum packing machines, bag closing machines, shrink tunnels, blisters machines, cellophones machines, box closing machines, labelling machines, filling machines)

All machines hava a appropriate certificates and have a passed the necessary controls. 
Customer care, attractive prices, individual approach - it's something that distinguishes us outside the competition. We also offer quarantee and post-quarantee service packing machines. We have parts for sold machines. Thanks to this we have no problem with the availabity of substitutes, when a particular subassembly breaks down. 

Join to tousands of serviced contractors who thanks to us have enriched and improved the system their work. Welcome!

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